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10 Cloverfield Lane

In the movie Avenue Cloverfield 10, Michelle fights with her boyfriend and decides to flee. He makes his suitcase as fast as he can, climbs to his car and leaves without looking back, because it seems that he is afraid of his fiancé.
During the journey, perhaps because of the hurry, he has an accident. He loses consciousness and when he awakens he does so in a kind of subterranean cell, many meters above the surface.
He does not know what’s happening, but his cellmate tells him. Apparently his partner is the one who has built the complex and the owner is a strange man who tells him that he has saved his life, because on the surface there has been a chemical attack that has killed most of the population.
Little by little, both Michelle and her partner realize that the story of the man who has retained them has many gaps, so it is possible that he is inventing everything to keep them there, do not know well for what purpose.

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