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A Walk in the Woods

In the film “Friends in the Woods”, Bill Bryson is an American who has spent two long decades of his life in England. After that time decides to return to the United States with the intention to undertake a very long trip.
He wants to walk and walk 3,500 km along a path that is in the Appalachian Mountains. For this he has to separate from his wife and family for months, but it seems that he is determined to do so.
To make a trip like this is only very dangerous, so it is accompanied by his friend Stephen Katz, a man who has dedicated much of his life to flee from the debts that he has been accumulating non-stop.
As the miles pass Bill realizes that the motivations of both are very different when making the trip, which causes that there begin to be problems between the two. When the problems begin is when the adventure begins for both.

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