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Alice Through the Looking Glass

In the movie Alice Through the Looking Glass, it’s been a while since Alice left Wonderland for the last time, so she does not see her friends. He misses them, but now he has grown up and has other responsibilities.
However, one day she wakes up in Wonderland. He does not know very well how he got there, but the truth is that now that he is in that world he knows so well he has a mission to fulfill.
The mission is to save his friend, the Mad Hatter, who seems to be in danger because of Time’s plans, which has devised a plan for Wonderland to become a lifeless place.
To abort the plan of this evil, Alicia will have access to a gadget called chronosphere, with which it will be able to travel to the past and thus to help its friend, while aborting the plans of Time.

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