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The Angry Birds Movie

Angry Birds: The Movie takes us to an island that is full of happy birds, birds that do not fly. In that place where everyone is happy there are three exceptions, three marginalized who are never happy: Red, Chuck and Bomb.
All three of them have been trying to integrate with the rest of the birds, but they try harder. While they try to be one more, the mysterious green pigs arrive to the island.
Everyone is intrigued by the intentions of these pigs, but it will be the three marginalized who will be in charge of investigating what the mysterious pigs want, so that with work they find out the truth.
Leonard, the king of the green pigs, has come to the island to get all the eggs of the birds, it is not known with what sinister end. In this way, the three marginalized will be the ones in charge of acting against the pigs, since the rest of birds of the island does not seem to know anything.


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