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Bad Moms

In Bad Moms, Amy is one of a group of modern moms, very busy women who take care of everyone at home, but who do not take care of themselves, so they are not mentally healthy.
Amy is a perfect mother. Her children always excel, work and do not neglect their professional career, go to all meetings of mothers and fathers organized by the school, have a happy marriage, a beautiful house and always wear perfect hair.
However, that is slowly unbalancing her, because she never has a time for her, a time of rest. Therefore, it is very close to exploding, because it can not with an extra task more.
That makes her join two other mothers who are like her, so that the three enter a kind of mad spiral of fun and debauchery, something they needed for mental health.
However, the more they are having fun, the leader of the school’s mothers ‘and fathers’ association, a woman who thinks that a mother always has to be perfect, that is, that in her life the fun and the mess does not take place .

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