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Barbie: Spy Squad

Barbie and her two friends, Teresa and Renee are very good gymnasts, something that draws the attention of some people. Among these people is a spy agency, one of the most important in the world, who believes that the acrobatic skills of the three friends can be very useful.
They are charged with a complicated mission, which is to chase a jewel thief who always escapes the authorities. They are the only ones who can capture it, although in spite of their abilities they will not be easy to him.
The agency provides them with all kinds of technology and disguises so that nobody recognizes them, as with superheroes. They also have their robotic pets, who will also do their part to let their three owners get their target.
The girls have to show that although the thief is very skillful, what really counts is teamwork. The three together can capture it, since one person has little to do against three well-trained women.

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