Batman: Bad Blood

In this film Batman: Bad Blood, Firefly, Tusk and The Murder Moth are sowing chaos in Gotham while the sky is on fire. Batman does everything he can, but it seems that this time he will not be able to with all the villains together.
When the sky stops burning something strange happens and is that Batman has disappeared. There is only one person who knows what has happened and that person is Batwoman, who will be the one who has to answer the questions.
The Bat-Signal illuminates Gotham’s sky, but no one answers. That’s why Nightwing and Robin take the initiative and try to form an alliance with Batwoman, in order to rescue the city.
Together they are going to have to fight to know what happens with Heretic, a new villain who has come to the city wanting to become the owner and pass over the world. Will Batman appear or remain hidden somewhere?

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