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Batman Unlimited: Mech vs. Mutants

In Batman Unlimited: Machines vs. Monsters (Mech vs. Mutants), the Dark Knight is back in Gotham to do what he does best, which is to protect the innocent citizens of that city, who as always, face almost daily.
This time Batman is going to have more work than ever, as Mr. Freeze carries out his most evil plan, which consists of applying his findings to Killer Croc and Bane, two of the city’s worst criminals.
In particular, what he does is to turn them into huge monsters, a kind of mutants that destroy everything they find in their path, leaving Gotham almost in ruins, something that does not involve any effort.
These villains are now Mech, those Japanese robots with a huge destructive force, which will have to face Batman next to a group of superheroes, who will have to become Mech if they want to be able to face these villains.

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