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Before I Wake

In Somnia Before Awake, Cody is an orphan child who lives in an orphanage, a state institution for children who, like him, have been abandoned by their parents. Life there is hard, especially for lack of affection, but it seems that Cody is going to get lucky.
Jessie and Mark are a couple who wants to adopt a child and when they see Cody they decide they want him. They begin the legal proceedings and they do not take long to take it home, where the problems begin.
Cody has nightmares almost every night, but the worst is not that, since children often have them very often. The worst thing is that the nightmares that Cody has materialize in real life.
Thus, adopting Cody will pose a problem to their new parents, as they may die due to the nightmares of the child, who lives constantly terrified because of their dreams.

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