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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

In My Big Greek Wedding 2 (My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2), again we have the Portokalos with us. Many years since the wedding of Toula and Ian, so many both have a teenage daughter, which has them very overwhelmed because they do not have too much time for them.
Paris, who calls herself his daughter, is looking forward to going to university, because it seems that her family predominates Greek customs and do not let her do anything unguarded, which is a bit humiliating for a girl her age. That’s why you want to go to have a little freedom.
In another order, the family will attend another wedding, this time more Greek than ever and all because of a mistake of a priest, the concrete priest who married the parents of Toula, who did not sign the papers of the wedding.
That means that after so many years, Toula’s parents are not legally married, so they have to get married, which brings the family to another Greek wedding, this time Greek 100%.

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