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Blair Witch

In the movie Blair Witch: The Blair Witch, James lost his sister Heather fifteen years ago. Little by little she has forgotten it, but suddenly she sees it in a video that has been hung on YouTube, which makes her remember it again.
He was not quite sure where his sister had disappeared, but now he learns that the YouTube video comes from a tape that has been found in a Maryland forest, so he decides to head to the woods to try to find clues.
With a group of friends he launches into Blair Forest, armed with the latest technologies, such as drones, GPS, with which he hopes to find something to help him discover what really happened to his sister.
It will not be long before James senses what might have happened, for Blair’s enchanted forest soon becomes his own. The group of friends discovers that all this technology is of no use to them, since in the forest there is something more powerful, something strange that will pursue them without rest.

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