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The boy and the beast- Bakemono no Ko

In El Niño and the Beast (Bakemono no Ko), Kyuta is a Japanese boy who lives in Tokyo. It is characterized by being very lonely, having no relationship with anyone. We do not know if he has a family, although as the tape is developed we can know more about him.
He likes fantasy so much, so he’s going to meet Kumatetsu. This is a very lonely fantastic being, like Kyuta. In addition, he is isolated in his fantasy world, so he can not have contact with anyone.
One day Kyuta gets to pass to the other side, to the fantastic world of Kumatetsu and soon to establish a relation of friendship with him. It can be said that two solitaries are united and become company.
From that moment, Kumatetsu will be like a kind of reference for the child, a spiritual guide who will give you advice on life while both live all sorts of adventures in the fantastic world and in the real world.

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