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Busco novio para mi mujer

In Busco Novio Para Mi Mujer, Dana and Paco are a pair of young Mexicans, middle-upper class who are not going through their best, as happens to many young couples, who soon get tired of living together.
It seems that the problem in the relationship is Dana, a very negative girl. Paco gets tired of dealing with this aspect of Dana, so he decides that the time has come to separate and start a new path away from his wife.
However, Paco does not want to be like the bad guy in the relationship, something that will happen if he leaves Dana. That is why I devise a plan to be free and at the same time to be well with everyone.
It seems that plan to find a boyfriend Dana. In that way, it will be Dana who leaves him, remaining like a poor man abandoned even though he is the person who wants to break the relationship.

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