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The film takes us to the New York of the 50’s, a magical time for the city that many people long for. At that time we met Therese Belivet, a young shop assistant who dreams of the day she can leave work to have a better life.
At the store one day Carol arrives, a woman older than her who is married, although her marriage is not happy. We can say that Carol is trapped in her marriage, so she looks for a way out of it.
It seems that to meet Therese has found a way to escape their marriage, because between the two we can say that arises what is known as love or love at first sight. The two are drawn to each other, which changes their lives forever.
Your relationship will not be easy, because if today a lesbian relationship is not well seen, imagine what it could mean in New York in the fifties, especially for a woman like Carol, who moves in a distinguished social circle.

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