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Boxing is more than just a sport. His detractors say it does not make sense as a sport, which is an outrage, but those who love him call it “noble art.”
In this documentary Champs we are going to see some of the most famous boxers of all time. For example, in the documentary they interview Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield and Bernard Hopkins.
They will tell us how their lives have been inside the ring and how they came to become boxers, something that is not easy because of the enormous competition that there is in this sport.
In addition, they will tell us how his life outside of boxing is, lives that in many cases have not been simple, such as that of Mike Tyson, who has had a huge amount of problems with justice.
If you like boxing is an indispensable documentary and if you do not like it too, then you will approach a very unknown sport.

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