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Cherry Tree

In Cherry Tree, the world opens under the feet of Faith, when she knows the news that her father has very little time to live. He does not know what to do, so he takes refuge in his trainer, Sissy Young, who becomes the closest thing to his mother.
Sissy has a dark secret and is that it is not what it seems. Specifically, Sissy is a witch belonging to a group of witches who have been hiding hundreds of years and who use a kind of special cherry to bring back the dead.
Sissy offers Faith a deal. He will give cherries to his father if Faith gives him a child, a deal he accepts. Faith becomes pregnant and the child grows by leaps and bounds, so the day will come soon to deliver.
The intentions of the witch are not good, so that Faith and her father are united so that when the child is born, witches can not carry out their plan.

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