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A Cinderella Story If the Shoe Fits

In Cinderella Story If the Shoe Fits, Tessa Golden is a young woman who has not had much luck in life, because now she has to live with her stepmother and her two daughters, Who are as bad as their mother.
They all go on vacation, which makes Tessa believe that they appreciate her and that they are not as bad as she thought. Then she will realize that they are evil, because they have not taken her to enjoy the vacation, but as a maid.
In the hotel where they are staying there is a beauty contest, a contest that their two stepsisters want to win. She, as a servant who is, will not be able to participate, although she would like to.
That’s why she manages to look beautiful without money and without the help of her stepmother and her stepsisters. Tessa wants to win the contest, to give them a lesson and to live away from them at last.

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