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Crimson Peak

In the film The Crimson Peak, Edith Cushing is a woman who wants to be a writer and has not had an easy past. She is the victim of a childhood trauma that conditions her when making important decisions, such as which man she is going to marry.
At first he was going to marry a friend from childhood, but in his life appears a stranger, Sir Thomas, who attracts much. That is why she ends up marrying Sir Thomas, a decision that may not have been the right one.
They both move to a house on a hill, next to Sir Thomas’s sister. The house is very strange, because it is in an area where the earth is a very intense red color, it would almost be said that the color of blood.
Edith married to escape her ghosts, but she has gotten into the worst possible place, because it does not take long to discover that in the house there are spirits of the past. It can be said that the house is alive and it even bleeds, so in the end Edith will try to escape.

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