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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny

This film is a sequel to Tiger and Dragon, film in which we saw a legendary warrior who leaves his sword to his friend. Now the story continues where that movie left off.
The magic sword is still present and in this tape the warriors of good heart will have to do everything possible so that the desires of Li Mu are fulfilled, for now the sword is about to fall into the hands of a tyrant.
That a tyrant possesses the Celestial Sword would be a disaster, for with her she would have an enormous power that she would use to enslave anyone under her command, all for her own benefit, something for which the sword was not created.
Between halfs we will see that around the sword there are two stories of love, one that ends and another that begins, something that surely complicates things a lot, because when love appears there are always problems.

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