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Wade Wilson is a mercenary who thanks to his experience ends up working for the elite forces of the United States Army. When he leaves the army he becomes a bully for hire, but he does not work for people with money, but for those who need his services and can not pay. We can say that he defends the weak.
This is how his life goes, along with his girlfriend, when he is told that he has a serious illness. He has no cure, so he decides to volunteer for an experiment, which ensures a longer life expectancy, but which alters his genetics.
That experiment makes him almost invincible, but at the same time deforms his face and body. So, Wade is now Deadpool, an invincible but deformed mercenary who takes his life with a lot of humor to try to forget the personal drama he’s going through.
Now, his mission will be to hunt down the man who has been about to destroy his life.

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