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Dirty Grandpa

This film My Grandpa is a Dirty Grandpa shows us the curious relationship of a grandfather and his grandson when he is about to get married. The relationship between the two is not very close, perhaps because of the grandfather, although it is known that in Anglo-Saxon countries family relations are not like those of Latin countries.
The grandfather is retired and has spent his life in the army. Perhaps because of the discipline with which he has lived, at the time of retirement he wants to enjoy everything he has not been able to enjoy before, so that he has a rather crazy character.
So, he goes with his grandson on vacation to Florida. He convinces him to accompany him, something that the grandson does not make too much fun, at least in principle, although as the days go by things do not improve.
He realizes that his grandfather is a person who is not ashamed of anything, between what he finds trying to connect with women who could be his granddaughters.

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