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Don’t Breathe

In the “Don’t Breathe” movie, thieves are always looking for the perfect victim and it seems that these thieves have found theirs, a blind man who lives alone and who seems to have a lot of money.
Stealing it will be easy, because you can not see them, so even though you realize what happens you will not be able to identify them, so it is the best theft they will do in all their lives.
The thieves enter the house very happy, with the idea of taking a huge booty. Happiness will soon become terror, for they soon realize the enormous error they have committed.
The house can become your grave, as soon as you enter they get trapped. The blind man, who seemed a propitious victim, is actually a psychopath who hides many secrets, a murderer who will do everything possible so that thieves do not leave alive from their home.

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