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Malcom is a geek who does not have an easy life. He lives in Inglewood, one of the worst neighborhoods in Los Angeles, which marks him for life. He wants to study, with the idea of leaving that manure forever.
He has friends who think just like him, which makes life a little easier. Now selectivity is being prepared, so do not stop doing interviews with universities and send applications. His dream is to study at Harvard and he will get it.
One day, while he is in the street, a drug dealer approaches him and invites him to a party. Malcom decides to go, in what will be the first of a series of very bad decisions, because the party will change the life of this boy forever.
Because of that party, Malcom becomes a fumeta. He was a geek, but he realizes it was a pose, because what he really wanted to be was a fumeta, like the people in his neighborhood as always.

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