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Elvis & Nixon

We are almost at Christmas in 1971 and Richard Nixon is not going through his best times. Its popularity is not very high, it never was, so anything is welcome if it washes its image and improves the way the Americans see it.
So when Elvis Presley talks with his advisers to pay him a visit to the president, in the Oval Office, his advisers say yes, in exchange for the singer taking a picture with Nixon, which would make him very popular especially between Young.
The reason for the visit is hilarious, especially considering how the end of the rock king was. Elvis wanted the president to name him a federal agent to fight against drugs, a plague that spread throughout the United States.
The tape is based on real events, but twists them to put together a comedy that makes us laugh a lot, since Elvis did visit the White House, but of course did not try drugs with Nixon.

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