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Fifty Shades of Black

Hannah is a very young and inexperienced girl who is commissioned to interview a successful businessman. This businessman is also very young, is called Christian Black, and as his name indicates, is black.
Hannah is going to do the interview and when she leaves she realizes something has happened. She has fallen in love like a fool of the businessman and although she tries to forget it, the truth is that she can not.
That is why he is going to see it again and between the two soon a passionate relationship emerges, in which it is the businessman who has the singing voice. In addition, Hannah is going to discover that Christian has some strange sexual tastes, and more for an innocent girl like her.
This is how this innocent girl discovers what she likes and at the same time realizes that it has limits, in this tape that is a parody of other films of the genre, like 50 Shades of Gray.

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