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Finding Dory

In the movie Finding Dory, it’s been a year since what happened in “Finding Nemo”. Now Dory lives with Nemo, her son, and Marlin, in a rather peaceful place, much like an underwater paradise.
Dory has no memory, but she is happy because she is with her own. They have a lot of fun, so much so that they even make tourist trips, like the one they perform to see the manta rays, which are in full migration, returning home.
On that trip, Dory regains part of his memory, but only for a second. In that second he is able to remember that he has more family besides Nemo, in particular, he remembers his parents.
That memory does not leave her alone, so she decides to take an immediate trip to find her parents or at least to know what their origins were, where their roots are.
The trip will not be easy, since Dory has severe problems of memory, that incapacitate to make that trip alone, so someone will have to accompany it.

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