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This Freeheld film is based on real events and shows us the struggle of a lesbian couple to have the same rights as heterosexual couples. The protagonists are Laurel and Stacie, two women who are going to have problems by being as they are.
Laurel is a policeman and not one, but a very decorated one. Sick and they say that he is going to die, because he has terminal cancer. So, you want your pension to pass to your partner, as it happens with the marriages.
The police do not look favorably on a homosexual couple within their ranks and the idea does not make it any fun. That is why they will do everything possible to avoid it, helped by county officials, who are not amused by the idea.
In this way, we will see how both have to fight for Laurel’s will to be fulfilled, something that officials want to avoid in the area.

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