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Hail Caesar!

In the film Salve Cesar! (Hail Caesar!), Eddie Mannix is ​​a man with a complicated job. It is a sort of assistant of the stars of the cinema of Hollywood of the Fifties, the golden era of the cinema. He is hired by some studios to help his stars, especially to avoid that the scandals that usually lead the actors end up in the press.
One of the actors he attends is Baird Whitlock, who is the protagonist of a blockbuster film of the time, from a Roman movie. Around this actor are moving all sorts of characters, which we will see especially through Eddie’s eyes.
One day, Baird disappears overnight. It’s not going to shoot, so it’s up to Eddie to get it. At first it thinks that it will be in one of those crazy parties that organized the actors of the time.
However, he soon realizes that what happens is something more serious. They have kidnapped Baird and demanded a ransom of $ 100,000 for him, a huge sum at the time, even for a successful actor.

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