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Halo: The Fall of Reach

Eric Nylund is a science fiction novelist famous for having written several novels in the Halo video game series. The film is based on one of his novels, specifically in The Fall of Reach, which you can read before watching the film.
In the film, as in the novel, we go to the XXVI century, a dystopian world that has nothing to do with the one we know and in which we will know the origins of Spartan-II soldiers.
Through the film we will get to the events of the video game, so if you are a fan of the game series, I recommend you to watch the movie, since after watching it you will better understand the video games and the world in which it develops .
The film only lasts one hour, so it is seen right away and will be released along with the collector’s edition of Halo 5, so if you buy this version of the game you can have the movie to see it at home.

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