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Hardcore Henry

Hardcore: Extreme Mission (Hardcore Henry) is a very curious film, because it is shot in the first person, as in action videogames, so you will never see the protagonist’s face, conforming to seeing your hands.
The protagonist is Henry, a man who has been turned into a cyborg by his wife, because it seems that after a series of events, this is the only way Henry could keep his life.
Estelle, who is named his wife, is now in the hands of a madman who has mental powers, plus a band of mercenaries at his service. Estelle saved Henry, paying a heavy price, so now Henry will travel the streets of Moscow to find his wife and save her.
Fortunately, Henry is not alone, since he has the help of Jimmy, who on many occasions will be his last hope to get out alive from the situations that are going to happen in Moscow.

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