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In Bus 657: The Escape of the Century, healing is a complicated subject in the United States. It seems a lie, but in the most powerful nation in the world, getting sick can be a very serious problem if you do not have the right resources.
That’s what happens to a father, who sees his daughter seriously ill and does not have the money to pay for the treatment. In the face of this adversity, he decides to do what is necessary, including delinquency.
That’s why he associates with a co-worker, a very greedy person, who wants to steal a casino. Together they can get it, but it is clear that circumventing the safety of a casino is not something anyone can do.
The plan goes wrong, so to protect themselves and get away they decide to hijack a bus that circulates around the city. Dozens of hostages are trying to get rid of the police and avoid jail for many years.

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