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Hotel Transylvania 2

So far, the Transylvania Hotel has been an exclusive haunt for monsters. Now the hotel policies are changing and human guests are admitted, which is a big change in the hotel.
For his part, Dracula is very concerned about Dennis, his grandson mixing vampire and human. Dennis should have already shown some sign of vampire blood running through his veins, but he has not shown any.
Dracula organizes a kind of camp of monsters in order that the instintitos of vampire come to the light, although it is possible that it does not have much success, since its vampiric instinct has to appear of natural way.
Dracula is worried about his grandson, but what will concern him is the arrival of his father to the hotel. Vlad, as is fitting for someone his age is old school, so that will not react very well when he learns of the changes that his son has made in the hotel.

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