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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. Part 2

In the film The Hunger Games 3: Sinsajo Part 2, The Nation is in War and Katniss is one of the culprits of it, although we must say that its aims are noble. He wants nothing more than to end President Snow, which has plunged the nation into chaos that they can not stand any longer.
Luckily for Katniss she is not alone. She has several friends who are willing to do everything for her, so much so that they would be able to give their lives for Katniss to reach her goal, and in fact it is possible that some end up giving it.
The first step Katniss and his friends make is to leave District 13, which is the one they have assigned. For this they are going to have to play the life, although that is something that they have assumed, because you do not fight against the president if you are not ready to everything.
Thus, Katniss sets out to fight back and forth to try to reach President Snow and eliminate him, so that the nation’s life improves and the Hunger Games disappear.

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