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The Huntsman: Winter’s War

In the movie The Huntsman: Winter’s War, Freya is the Queen of Ice, a queen with a lot of rancor since years ago she had to leave her kingdom. That made him decide to form an army, training a group of hunters to be able to expand his kingdom as soon as he had the opportunity.
Eric and Sara are his best warriors, but both will fail to meet the first requirement to be in the queen’s army. This requirement is to keep love away from their hearts, something they do not get, since both have fallen in love.
Freya feels betrayed, which makes her anger terrible. Therefore, he wants to prevent love among his warriors, for which he commits the madness of resurrecting his sister Ravenna, a more evil queen than herself.
The two unite their forces to extend the terror in the Land Encantada, thanks to that they have managed to form an invincible army, to which Eric and Sara will have to face.

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