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I Saw the Light

Hank Williams was a legend of the country, the traditional music of North America. In this film I Saw the Light we will see how his life was and how it was his descent to hell after reaching stardom.
Hank was born into a very poor family, so he did not have an easy childhood. That is why, his rise to stardom was even more meritorious, because on many occasions he had to worry more about being able to eat than about singing.
To his ascent he helped that Hank was a very religious man, although that did not prevent that once in the top it was given to all type of excesses, which debilitated to the point that this musician died with only 29 years of age.
His ascent was meteoric and his career very short, because he was only at the top for six years. In spite of it everybody remembers it, which means that it was an exceptional musician who did not know to digest the fame.

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