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Ice Age: Collision Course

In Ice Age 5: Collision Course, followers should already know Scrat, the squirrel who does not stop causing disasters by looking for his acorn. This time Scrat has gone too far, even for him, since in his quest ends up traveling to space.
As always everything is an accident, but the accident will have dire consequences for the Earth. Specifically, Scrat unleashes a series of events that set off a huge asteroid, which is headed to Earth, threatening the Ice Age.
Manny, Sid and Diego realize that their way of life is threatened, because they are animals of the Ice Age, which would disappear with a change of climate caused by the asteroid.
In this way, they have no choice but to get going to try to stop the disaster caused by the squirrel. On this occasion our friends will travel farther than ever, knowing exotic places they would never have imagined existed.

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