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I’ll See You in My Dreams

Carol is a retired teacher in her seventy years. She is widowed and shares her life with her dog, but this one also dies and is left alone. She is afraid to face loneliness, because although she shares moments with three friends she realizes that she is really alone.
One day he starts talking to a young boy who keeps the pool. Little by little she realizes that she and the boy share many points of view, so they become friends, which becomes a love relationship.
Carol is very scared, because she knows that this relationship is complicated and can not be very long, because the boy will soon find a young woman and leave. In addition, he has many doubts because he does not really know why the boy is with her.
In the tape we will see the thoughts of this old woman, who is living a second youth with this boy, but who has many fears and doubts about the near future.

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