In the Heart of the Sea

In the film In the Heart of the Sea, Owen Chase is a 19th century sailor who has to endure the harsh conditions of the sea. In 1820 he is sailing on a ship, in the Essex, which has a huge problem that is going to end with the life of some sailors.
The problem with the ship is that it hits a huge white whale, which causes the ship to sink. Owen and his teammates have to face the open sea, so their chances of survival are almost nil.
In spite of the conditions of the sea Owen survives to the shipwreck. From that moment Owen only lives with an obsession, that is to hunt to the white whale and thus revenge itself of the animal.
Owen’s resentment towards that animal does not stop growing and that is why it is consuming little by little, because it only lives with the idea to hunt to the whale that almost kills it, although for that it is necessary to play the life.

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