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Internet Famous

The protagonists of Famous Internet, are five of the largest Internet stars in the United States, who are now participating in a contest that is televised throughout the country and in which they measure their talents, so that The one with the most talent will win.
The problem is that as with many of the stars of the network, none of the five have talent, since they have become famous doing crap that they upload on video for everyone to see.
Thus, we have a boy who only laughs at the songs of national pop, so he imitates without contributing anything. Another girl tells jokes, but the truth is that her followers do not laugh with them, but see her body.
Another aspirant to win the contest is a half-idiot mother, whose fame comes from making videos scaring little girls, while another of the protagonists became famous for a video that became viral, not precisely for their good performance before the Cameras.

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