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Jason Bourne

In this new film, Jason Bourne has been hidden for a few years and right now he is beginning to recover his memory, although he does not have the best life for it, because his day to day life is far from what is considered a quiet life.
He continues to have gaps, which will help him fill an old companion, who is the one who takes him out of the shadows, even though he prefers to remain hidden, because he knows that they are looking for him.
The CIA, in particular its dome, goes crazy when they learn that Jason Bourne has disappeared and even more when they realize that he has done it to unearth his past, something that the CIA does not suit him.
Again, the machinery of this secret agency is set to hunt for Bourne, although it would be more correct to say that they want to eliminate it, something this time is possible to get, although you never know when it comes to Bourne.

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