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Jem and the Holograms

Jerrica and Kimber are the daughters of the owner of Stalight Music, a well-known and prestigious record company. His father dies and it seems that the only thing that has left them in inheritance are strange earrings.
One of the sisters puts on the earrings, which have a great sentimental value for them, and suddenly a hologram appears that takes them both to the basement of a cinema that is abandoned.
There, hidden, is the true inheritance of his father. The heritage is Sinergy, a complex system that is able to recreate holograms of a realism never seen before and to change objects.
One of the employees of his father has created a very successful music group, in order to stay with the company. The two sisters can not afford it, so thanks to the technology of the holograms, they assemble a group to be able to stay with the label that belongs to them.

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