Justice League vs. Teen Titans

In Justice League vs. Teen Titans, Damian, the son of Batman, is very aggressive. He can not help it, for he has been so educated, so that his behavior almost ruins a Justice League mission, something they can not afford.
That’s why they decided to send it with the Young Titans. The goal is to train with them and cultivate the art of patience, something complicated when you have trained the League of Killers almost since you were born.
The attitude of Damian soon ceases to be a problem, because they come on a much greater one. Trigon is trying to escape his prison to destroy the world, by which it spreads its demonic forces, which infiltrate the minds of the Justice League.
In this way, now the only ones who can save the world are the Young Titans, who will have to stop or even destroy the Justice League to end Trigon.

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