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Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

The action of this film Final Fantasy XV: The Movie (Kingslaive) puts its focus on Nyx Ulric, an elite soldier of Kingsglaive, and that will be very important in the development of the events that tells us this film.
In the film we see how Prince Noctis is absent, which gives rise to others wanting to take their place, as there is always a power vacuum, something that is never good for a city.
That is why Niflheim, commanding an army, decides to attack the city of Insomnia, a city in which is the Crystal of the kingdom of Lucis, a crystal with enormous power, so that many covet it.
If nothing prevents it, Niflheim will be the one to be done with it, something that should not allow those who guard it, since they know what will happen if the glass falls into a little suitable hands, something that is about to happen.

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