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La niña de la mina

A girl disappears at a mine in Guanajuato, Mexico. Local authorities are looking for it, but they lack the means, so that two experts from the United States arrive to try to find it, alive or dead.
The two experts descend into the mine to begin the search, without having any idea what will happen to them, since the disappearance of the girl has not been a fortuitous thing, but has a cause, which unfortunately they will discover These specialists.
In the mine there is “something” a presence that is responsible for the girl not appear. This “thing” in addition, is also responsible for a series of murders that have been occurring in the mine over the years.
The experts will be victims of this same presence, so that when they enter soon their priorities will change, because instead of looking for the girl, they will have to do everything possible to get out of there alive.

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