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Lego justice league – Attack of the legion of Doom

In this movie we will see the Justice League, which is made up of Batman, Superman and some more characters from the DC publishing house. Together they are going to have to face some rather particular villains.
Lex Luthor, one of DC’s most famous villains has created a version of all superheroes. These are versions made with pieces of Lego, some evil versions that the superheroes are going to have to face.
The Justice League is going to have to face its own clones, which makes them very strange, as they will have to defeat smaller versions of themselves, with their very costumes and appearance.
As the problems do not come alone, the JLA will also have to face Darkseid, another villain who comes willing to everything. In this way, superheroes are going to have problems having to defeat several villains at once.

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