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Lights Out

In the movie When the Lights Out, Rebecca had many problems at home as a child. They were not problems of abuse or mistreatment, but of a paranormal presence that did not leave her in peace and that she was about to make her crazy.
That is why he moved as soon as he could, since although he believed that they were fears associated with childhood, deep down he knows that there was “something” in the house. Now, she is already a young woman who has left behind that stage, but what happened to her is suffering her little brother, Martin.
The little one is also persecuted and again Rebecca suffers the persecution trying to help his brother, persecution that occurs when soon darkens. Both are threatened, but now Rebecca is older and has the reins of her life.
Now Rebecca is not going to flee, but will face the presence to get rid of her once and for all, and thus rid her brother, who is suffering a lot.

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