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Little Boy

In Little Boy, Pepper Flint is a guy from a town in the United States, one of those lost villages that nobody ever goes to. In the village he is nicknamed Little Boy because he is shorter than the other boys his age.
So the other children get into a lot with him, something that does not matter because his father is with him. Pepper adores his father, who is also his best friend, but suddenly something happens that causes a chasm to open at the feet of the child.
His father is called to fight in World War II. Pepper is destroyed and in the absence of his father the attacks of the other children are growing. To make matters worse, news comes to him that say that his father has been taken prisoner.
One day, Pepper goes to Mass and hears a sermon from the pastor who comes to say that small gestures can do great things. Convinced of what the pastor has told him, Pepper will try to end the war himself.

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