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London Has Fallen

In the film London Under Fire (London Has Fallen), the English prime minister has just died in some strange circumstances. There are people who think that his death was not due to natural causes, but it seems that for the moment this thesis is parked.
Now, what matters is the state funeral, which will be attended by most of the heads of state around the world, as the United Kingdom is an important country and the representatives of the various countries want to pay their respects.
Security is enormous, as the concentration of so many world leaders is a perfect occasion for terrorists. In fact, a terrorist group has a plan to attack at the funeral.
Terrorists attack with the intention of creating a world conflict, a conflict that can only be avoided by the president of the United States and his secret service, in which there are some men who are specialists in this type of situation, who do not care too much Risk their life, because they are trained for that.

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