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The Man Who Knew Infinity

Srinivasa Ramanujan was a mathematician of Indian origin who contributed much to the advance of this science with his contributions, as for example the theory of the continuous fractions.
Given his level of knowledge, it should have been easy for him to enter as a teacher at any university in the world, but there was a problem. This one was of racial type, since it was Indian, which was an impediment at the beginning of century XX.
At that time the university was a matter of white men and it was not conceivable that a person of a race considered inferior would occupy a position of professor.
Srinivasa was able to do so thanks to the help given by Professor G. H. Hardy, an Englishman who at the height of World War I helped this Indian genius to enter Cambridge, where together they continued to develop theories that made mathematics what they are today.
The tape will show us how at that time the color of the skin was the one that ruled in the University, regardless of the capabilities.

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