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Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

In this new movie Maze Runner 2: Fire Test, Thomas and his friends are resting since they have already escaped the labyrinth. They believe that the worst of their adventure has already passed and that comforts them enough, since the dangers are behind.
Suddenly, as they rest, they hear terrifying cries that draw them out of their illusion. Everybody gets alert quickly and they start the march by a world terrifying and especially very hot.
In that world they will see creatures that chase them without rest and that are covered with sores due to an episode called “The Flashing”, that apparently it burned to all alive being that could not be covered.
Thomas and his companions realize that despite coming out of the labyrinth, the worst is yet to come, because in addition to those strange beings who persecute them, they can not trust any adult, because they are hungry and could be eaten in any moment.

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